Learn how the recruitment process works and how you can apply for a position in SBIO.

The Student Union at BI Norwegian Business School in Oslo (SBIO) is a large and diverse community consisting of numerous societies, academic associations, projects and so on. Joining the student union as an active contributor can greatly impact your future career, personal skills and student experience in a positive way.

How to apply for a board or management position

If you want to take on a more active role in SBIO, you can apply for a board or management position. Every unit has a different recruitment period, so check with the current board when they open for applications.

Most units require an application and your CV. Remember to upload them as an attachment, and please save as PDFs and include your name in the filename.

If you have any questions or wonder what the unit is looking for, it is always a good idea to reach out to them to show your interest.


After the deadline, you will receive an email or other form of communication indicating whether or not you have been invited for an interview.

Interviews generally last around 30 minutes. The interviewer or interviewers will ask you a series of questions concerning your motivations and skills for the position. You should come well prepared.

You may be asked to provide references. Your references should be people who can attest to your previous work, for example a former supervisor or coworker, clients, teachers or people in organizations you’ve volunteered for.

If the unit does not operate with a General Assembly (GA), you will get contacted by the interviewers who announce if you are elected for the position or not.

If the unit operates with a general assembly, one candidate will be nominated for the position. In some cases, there may be none candidates nominated, or there may be a split nomination. Candidates that have not applied and/or not been interviewed and/or not been nominated, can announce their candidacy, including bench proposals by themselves or another person who is present at the GA. Candidates who are not nominated, but wish to bench for a position, must inform the unit within 24 hours before the start of the GA. If more than one candidate, the other candidates needs to step outside of the GA during the speeches.

Each candidate holds their speech for two – 2 – minutes. Candidates for the position as president holds their speech for three – 3 – minutes.

After the speech, the audience gets to ask questions to the candidate. The audience will then cast their votes, either written or electronically.

We wish you the best of luck with the process!