Study Start Welcome


On behalf of the Student Union at BI in Oslo (SBIO) we welcome you as a student.

Throughout the year, SBIO arranges many activities of academic, sporting and social nature to ensure that our students have an unforgettable study time. Already during the first week you will take part in SBIO’s amazing arrangement; Fadderullan.

As a student at BI you are automatically a member of the student union, and we encourage you to grasp this opportunity to become an active part by signing up during recruitment day on the 1st September.

How much time and effort you want to put in and get out of the student union you decide for yourself. Regardless of what you choose to join you will gain a solid network, learn valuable skills and have a great time, which in turn will contribute to your well-being during your studies and help you further into employment.

Finally, we wish you a great semester start with Fadderullan and encourage you to take time to get to know your fellow students and what SBIO has to offer.

Come on by SBIO (located in the D-Block at BI) for further information on what you can join, grab a SBIO magazine, or look at our new website

With kind regards,
SBIO Management 2016