The Student Union at BI in Oslo consists of a number of academic associations, committees, staff functions and projects. The responsibility and coordination of these underlies the management. The management ensures that the organisation and each organ works in the best way possible. They work both night and day to make your student life better.

Aleksander Sveen
+47 466 43 404

The President has the overall responsibility of the daily operations of SBIO. Moreover, the President is responsible for ensuring that the Management implements and executes strategies in order to reach their goals. It is the President ́s responsibility to coordinate dialogue and cooperations between internal and external contacts. The President also has the main responsibility for strategic work areas.

Isak Arnesen
Head of Finance
+47 464 10 937

Head of Finance is responsible for accounting and budget routines, as well as ensuring that the organisation’s accounts are in accordance with laws and regulations. The Head ofFinance must at any given time have an overview of the economic status of SBIO, and work on long-term financial management and follow-up. Head of Finance is also responsible for the compilation and approval of budgets, as well as the support function The Finance Group (Økonomigruppen).

Ane Heimdal
Head of Business Relations
+47 464 10 940

Head of Business Relations is responsible for and serves as the point of contact for sponsors and cooperation partners. Head of Business Relations is to ensure that all the market coordinators within SBIO follow their position descriptions as well as the guidelines for marketing operations. The Head of Business Relations is also responsible for ensuring that training courses that cover marketing guidelines will be held early each semester. Head of Marketing functions as head of the Marketing Department and the Business Committee (NU).

Hedda Marie Bakken
Head of Marketing and Public Relations
+47 464 10 942

Head of Marketing and PR is responsible for internal and external information to and from SBIO. Moreover, this position is responsible for SBIO Media and SBIO Digital and all information managers in the organisation, and make sure that they follow their position description, and ensure that SBIO profiling guidelines are followed. The Head of Marketing and PR is also responsible for the use and distribution of SBIO communication channels.

Ingerid Elise Monsen
Head of Academic Relations

Head of Academics is responsible for the control and quality assurance of the academic offer at BI Norwegian Business School in Oslo. This involves daily coordination of the subject coordinators in each academic association and ensuring that the bachelor chamber (bachelorkammeret) is operational. The Head of Academics also represents SBIO in the Collegium, the Education Affairs Committee, and the Forum for Class Representatives.

Jonas Økland
Head of Politics and Cooperation

Head of Politics and Cooperation is responsible for the student political work of SBIO and automatically has a seat in the Welfare Council, the Student Capital, and the national executive committee of the Norwegian Student Organisation. Furthermore, the Head of Politics and Cooperation is responsible for the collaboration and contact with the Welfare Council and the Student Welfare Organisation in Oslo and Akershus (SiO). Head of Politics and Cooperation is in charge of the staff function the Student Political Society (SPU) and must ensure that SPU follows current strategies and statutes. The Head of Politics and Cooperation in the General Assembly must present the Political Guidelines. The Head of Politics and Cooperation is also responsible for collaboration between various institutions.

Johan Oellingrath
Head of Societies

Head of Societies is responsible for all interest societies in SBIO. The Head of Societies oversees the operations of all the societies, and serves as a support for the societies when necessary. The Head of Societies is also responsible for arranging Societies Presidents Meetings (Utvalgsledermøter).

Martine Owesen Hoel
Head of Projects

Head of Projects is responsible for all projects in SBIO. The Head of Projects is to ensure a good operation of the various projects, and serves as a support for the projects when necessary.

Carl Henrik Gutterød
Head of Academic Associations

Head of Academic Associations is responsible for all academic associations in SBIO. The Head of Academic Associations must ensure that the operation of the academic associations are in line with the SBIO statutes and that it follows the strategy set by the Board. Moreover, Head of Academic Associations serves as a support for the academic associations when necessary. The Head of Academic Associations is responsible for arranging Presidents Meetings (Linjeledermøter – LLM) and Masters Presidents Meetings. Meetings are to be held in English, unless all participants are Norwegian.