Election Committee

Objectives for the Election Committee is to nominate candidates for the General Assembly. The Election Committee shall assist upon requests from groups or organs in the organisation as an advisor to election processes.

Amanda Asp
The Election Committee’s coordinator and student representative

Amanda has been a member of the Election Committee since May 2016. Amanda is currently studying MSc
in Leadership and Organizational Psychology, and holds a Bachelor degree in Economics and Business law.
She has throughout the last years been an active member of the Business Committee, where she held
different board positions and also took part in several of the recruitment processes within SBIO.

Christophe Cunen-Classens
Student representative

Has been a member of the Election Committee since October 2016. Background from the BSc and MSc in Business programmes. Held numerous positions in the student union including President of SBIO and member of the Board of Trustees. Was awarded the honorary title of Knight of Nydalen in 2016.

Lene Møll
External representative

Lene works as an SEO and Content Advisor at the performance agency iProspect. She held the position as
Head of Marketing and PR in the SBIO Management in 2011, as well as other positions in the student
union whilst getting her bachelor's degree in PR and Communications. Lene has been a part of the Election
Committee since 2012.

Martin Hoff Pedersen
External representative

Has been a member of the Election Committee since January 2015. Martin is currently working for one of Norway’s biggest communication agencies, Gambit Hill+Knowlton Strategies, and holds a Bachelor degree in Market Communication. Throughout his studies he held different positions ranging from class representative, academic associations and projects. Martin was a part of the SBIO Management in 2014 and looks for candidates that wants to make a difference and contribute to the student welfare.

Fredrik Kile Grønningsæter
Student representative

Fredrik has been a member of the Election Committee since 2015. He graduated with a bachelor of PR and Market Communication in 2017. During his studies he held positions such as class representative and head of academics for his academic association. Furthermore, Fredrik has long experience from youth politics such as county president for his party. Fredrik want candidates with passion and co-working capabilities.

Christopher Honningsvåg
External representative

Christopher has been a member of the Election Committee since 2007. Christopher works as Manager for Business Intelligence & Business Systems at Fargerike Norge. Prior to Fargerike, Christopher worked as Project Manager/Senior Consultant at Hartmark Consulting. Christopher has two years of experience from working with executive search, interviewing and evaluating candidates for middle- and top management positions across all sectors.