Board of Trustees

The board shall decide long-term strategies and visions for SBIO, as well as contributing to continuity in and for the organisation.

The Board is to maintain the necessary level of control over SBIO’s strategy, operations and finances in accordance with current instructions and decisions. Moreover, the Board shall serve as an advisory function for the Management. The Board can demand submission of protocols and other relevant documents from all groups and organs in SBIO. Furthermore, the board is responsible for carrying out of the General Assembly, and the Chariman of the Board has the responsibility of preparing the Board’s annual report. The annual report must be made available in Norwegian and English. If all positions in the Management are vacant, the Board will take over the day-to-day operations.

The Chairman of the Board is the SBIO’s representative in the Board of Trustees at BI Norwegian Business School. The Board is responsible for making the SBIO strategy and list of board members available for SBIO’s members.

Julie Gullstein Maarud
+47 974 77 996

Positions of Trust:
Chairman of the board of trustees

Sofie Elisabeth Kjenne
Student Representative
+47 414 64 282

Positions of Trust:
Chairman of the board of trustees, StudConsult AS

Daniel Faldmo
Student Representative
+47 980 97 662

Member of the board of trustees, Boligstiftelsen Nydalen AS (BSN). President, Næringslivsdagene (2017)

Dionysios-Ioannis Anghelopoulos
Student Representative

Positions of Trust:
BI Athletics liaison

Marius Eriksen
BI representative

  • Siviløkonom from BI Norwegian Business School 1990.
  • Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at BI Norwegian Business School
  • Former partner at Deloitte

Ida Gravdal Haldorsen
External Representative

  • Team leader, Redink
  • Bachelor Kultur og Ledelse, BI Norwegian Business School
  • Former board member in StudConsult AS (2012-2013) and president of the academic association of Kultur & Ledelse

Mette Krogsrud
External Representative

  • Siviløkonom fra NHH, 1992
  • Office Managing Director and Senior Client Partner, KornFerry International (Norwegian office)
  • Vice President Organizational Development, Schibsted ASA (2005-2010)

Camilla Forberg
External Representative

  • Education: BI Norwegian Business School, Master of Management (2009-2011), Markedshøyskolen, bachelor’s degree, Marketing and Communcation (1996-1999)
  • Professional Experience: Executive Vice President Branding and Sponsorship, DNB (2012- )
  • Former: Director Corporat Branding, TINE SA (2012), Brand Manager / Marketing Director, SAS (2007-2012)

Emil B. Skei
Deputy Student Representative
+47 962 02 840

Positions of Trust:
Chairman of the board of trustees, Inside AS

Emilie Alme
Deputy Student Representative

Positions of Trust:
Chairman of the board of trustees, SBIO Kroa AS