About SBIO

profile-pictureThe Student Union at BI Norwegian Business School in Oslo (SBIO) is a religious and politically independent organisation run by and for students. The purpose is to tend to the students’ academic and social welfare at BI. The Student Association also acts as a liaison between students, businesses and other institutions.

BI is one of the largest educational institutions in Norway. The core areas are in finance, marketing and management. BI in Oslo is located at Nydalen and the address is Nydalsveien 37, 0442 Oslo. BI in Oslo is a merger of the former following schools: BI Sandvika, BI Oslo, BI Norwegian School of Marketing, BI Norwegian Retail Institute and BI Ekeberg. There are approx. 8,000 students at the BI Norwegian Business School in Oslo.


SBIOs supreme body is the General Assembly, which elects the board and management every year. SBIO consists of academic associations, staff functions, interest committees and projects. The academic associations represents each field of study at BI in Oslo. SBIO has two employees in the administrative secretariat, one working full-time and one part-time.